Health & Beauty

Our Mission is to globally promote and provide essential, sustainable every day healthy vegan beauty products.
Our Vision is to see a world holistically moving away from harsh chemicals, processed products, and disease, to a world going back to nature and filled with optimum health and awareness.​  Our Team of chemists have decades of experience and work tirelessly around the clock to produce the healthiest products with the finest ingredients. Our products are oxygen breathable and water permeable, allowing air and water to pass through the skin.  This helps promote enough moisture and oxygen to our cells, whereas standard cosmetics do not allow your skin and nails to breathe.  Our products are free of harsh chemicals and are not tested on animals.  Once your skin and nails receive enough oxygen and moisture, you will experience improved hydration, better circulation, and an increase in overall health and vitality.

Most standard personal care products and cosmetics contain toxins, parabens, phthalates, pesticides, artificial ingredients, hormone disruptors, and preservatives, which have been linked to cancer, birth defects, weight gain, and more debilitating conditions.  The FDA has limited power in monitoring cosmetics.  It is, therefore, the consumer's responsibility to play a more active role in making healthy purchasing decisions.  As we uncover the truths about ingredients and their effects, we can gain back control of our health and lives.  Our Award Winning Brand offers the safest "TOXIN-FREE"  vegan beauty products.  The product packaging is also made from recyclable materials.   Enjoy a renewed sense of natural beauty and energy with Amari beauty products.


  • "Amari NY polish, quality that’s flawless!” I tried other halal and/or breathable nail polishes and had been on the hunt for a quality brand. I stopped searching until I found the Amari NY brand. For starters, they have amazing customer service and satisfaction. Their package gets delivered fast and always on-time! They answer your questions or feedback immediately. Their company is very sincere and honest.
    - Nadia A.
  • "I am in love with Amari's nail polish products.  They are genuinely breathable.  I would recommend their products to anyone because unlike regular nail polish products where you can feel the nail polish is a layer on top of your nails, Amari nail polish feels like a part of your nails.  I believe that's an experience every woman should be able to experience...I love how the pigmentation you see through the glass is really the shade you will be applying on your nails. You can trust it will be the color you see." 
    - Almas S.
  • "​​By far the best! I am a makeup artist and always on the lookout for the latest cosmetics to use on my clients.  Many of them are seeking alternative, healthier cosmetic options and it is important to deliver the right products.  My clients and I absolutely love the healthy, breathable qualities of Amari-New York products.  It is a certain attention grabber and I'm looking forward to more products."
    - Rabia N.
  • "Amari has many shades to choose from. For Muslim women, their polishes are halal certified. I love wearing this brand because the nail polish isn’t watery like other halal brands. The polish is not made with any harsh chemicals, thus there is not a harsh smell while applying it. The pigmentation is emphasized, and the formula is smooth with great quality. I highly recommend Amari NY products. I will continue to purchase their products. They care about their consumers, their products and the environment!"
    - Eman F.