• Organic Habibi Balm
  • Organic Habibi Balm
  • Organic Habibi Balm
Amari NY

Organic Habibi Balm



(4 Month Supply)

The gorgeously tropical citrus smelling Organic Balm is truly magic in a bottle, cramming a bunch of nature’s best ingredients into a single container.

Thanks to the unrefined organic shea butter, the Organic Balm is your go-to solution for handling itchy beards and low-quality hairs that aren't up to your standards. Organic beeswax not only smells and tastes great, but it’s also a heaven for your beard, hair, and skin with its moisturizing properties, while you’ll have an easy time making the hairs stay where you comb them. The addition of Jojoba oil keeps your skin under control, preventing those nasty inflammations and irritations you don’t deserve by controlling the number of bacteria your hair follicles have.

Your scalp needs some attention as well, and for that,  we turned to the wonders of Castor oil and Grape seeds. The omega-6 fatty acids of the Castor oil feed your hair roots with tasty nutrients and boost blood circulation, while the scentless Grape seeds lock in moisture that keeps your hair gorgeously shiny and strong.