• Coral Nail Lacquer - OUT OF STOCK
  • Coral Nail Lacquer - OUT OF STOCK
  • Coral Nail Lacquer - OUT OF STOCK
Amari NY

Coral Nail Lacquer - OUT OF STOCK



"Breathe Healthy" with our Breathable Permeable Vegan 13 Free Nail Lacquer. Boutique nail polish patented formula with a combination of nourishing Ayurvedic herbs, vitamins, minerals and ground breaking oxygen technology. Ingredients flaunt antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti fungal properties to protect your nail plate, nail bed and cuticle. Your nails will become fortified without cracking, dryness, or irritation. Ultra-fast 90 second dry time, hydrating, super glossy, chip resistant, long lasting. Free of harsh chemicals and parabens. 

Instructions: Shake well. Apply 2 coats of Amari polish or 1 coat of Amari polish and 1 coat of Amari Top Coat for a salon finish and wear for longer than 1 week. No base coat needed. 
For Ablution purposes, rub or run water into nail polish for approximately 8-10 seconds in order to achieve maximum permeability.